See what others are saying about Central High School.

I love Central High because the other students are very accepting and the curriculum moves at your own pace.

— Lizzy

My experience at Central has been great.  I love working at my own pace and I love the smaller work environment.

— Dorothy

I have never really found a school that could fit every kind of personality into one room and make it work like they have at Central High.

— Rebecca

They are all really nice people.  People that actually understand you!

— Shon

One thing I really like is that your hard work never goes unnoticed.  The teachers notice all of the hard work.

— Jenna

I have done more in 2 months than I did all last year!

— Hunter

When I first came to Central, I hated it because I wasn’t worried about school.  But, they changed my perspective by pushing me, helping me, and being there for me.  This has honestly been such a great experience for me.  It has changed who I am.  I am becoming a better and more responsible person and I thank them very much.

— Samantha