See what others are saying about Central High School:


The teachers are the most supportive people you could ever meet! They try to make sure ever student does there best and even after graduation teachers still to this day check up on me. They continuously ask how me started college is and they provide many resources and answers that I need for anything. They’ve helped me through personal matters and so much more and they do that for every student they come across there is no favoritism that gets shown and they show you that they truly care and want every single one of their students to succeed not just in their school but in life.

— Senior

I love Central High because the other students are very accepting and the curriculum moves at your own pace.

— Lizzy

My experience at Central has been great.  I love working at my own pace and I love the smaller work environment.

— Dorothy

I have never really found a school that could fit every kind of personality into one room and make it work like they have at Central High.

— Rebecca

They are all really nice people.  People that actually understand you!

— Shon

One thing I really like is that your hard work never goes unnoticed.  The teachers notice all of the hard work.

— Jenna

I have done more in 2 months than I did all last year!

— Hunter

When I first came to Central, I hated it because I wasn’t worried about school.  But, they changed my perspective by pushing me, helping me, and being there for me.  This has honestly been such a great experience for me.  It has changed who I am.  I am becoming a better and more responsible person and I thank them very much.

— Samantha